artwork > Of Land & Local: Watershed

This body of work was made for two locations on the theme of water, which I chose to explore in two different ways.

First, I looked at immigration over water. This work addresses the ever present issue of human migration. With media producing daily images, stories, and statistics of refugees traveling by sea and land, we are able to witness such struggles, failures, and triumphs, but from a distance. This is a human issue, and the work is an empathetic response that aims to recognize this while simultaneously representing, identifying, and mourning the struggle to escape and create a better life. It brings to attention both the overwhelming number of humans experiencing forced migration and the individualism of those journeys.

The second part I looked at water through the lens of climate change. I brought together both individual stories from survivors of Hurricane Irene in Vermont and looked at scientific indicators of climate change. The combination of both a global evidence and the individual and human impact, created perspectives that were undeniable and asked for attention, realization, and change.