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From the curator:

Rachel Moore’s work is steeped in careful attention to pattern language and shifts. Her materials range from watercolor and graphite on paper, to blown and cast glass, to ink on vellum and more. Traces ties together many thematic patterns in the artist’s work honoring the environment with a dialogue on prevailing conditions. Minimalist in color, her installations are infinitely rich in carefully considered materials and surfaces with an ethereal elegance and sophistication. Paying homage to presence in absence, many of her sculptural pieces refer to measurable data in climate change as well as migration patterns. Each movement, memory, presence and energy leaves a trace. This exhibition echoes traces of beauty in our global community.

Moore is a multidisciplinary artist working in mixed media sculpture, installation, drawing, and social practice. Moore uses maps, cultural and religious icons, text, and sculptural replications of objects from daily life to respond to social and political movements, often in poetic and haunting ways. In her social practice, she has used storytelling to create relationships of understanding and as a way to bring awareness to multicultural histories, in some cases, asserting a culture’s rightful place in history.

Moore’s work has been featured in international museums and galleries, on Art21’s “Inside the Artist’s Studio” and she is the recipient of numerous grants and awards. The artist is represented by Edgewater Gallery, Stowe; Stewart Gallery, Boise, Idaho; and Traver Gallery, Seattle, Washington. She lives and works in Vermont.